Interview with Bossa Studios' Luke Williams | Power Up Gaming
I Am Bread is Bossa Studios’ follow-up to indie smash hit Surgeon Simulator 2013. The game, in which you control a control a piece of bread in its quest to become delicious toast, has already been met with a positive response from early-access players. We recently caught up with one of Bossa's game designers, Luke Williams, at EGX Rezzed, and grilled him (pardon the pun) on I Am Bread, Surgeon Simulator, British humour and more. Adam Shepherd: Thanks for joining us, Luke. I Am Bread is your second major game, right? Luke Williams: It's the second game to kind of... do well, I suppose, to put it bluntly. Surgeon Simulator kind of came out of nowhere, for us. Like, it was me and three other guys, we were messing around at a game jam, and then on the Monday it kind of blew up, and, yeah, we turned that into a full title, and that was for more of a Steam audience. I Am Bread is a similar thing, it was a game jam as well, but this time internally in the studio. AS: Have you found that