The Top 8 Characters We Want to See in Street Fighter V | Power Up Gaming
It's safe to say that Street Fighter has its fair share of colourful characters, many of which get plenty of love and attention. Unfortunately, not all of them can make it into each game. With that in mind, here are eight characters we at Power Up Gaming feel need to make a return in the upcoming PS4 and PC-exclusive Street Fighter V. 8. Urien While Urien looks almost bland when he first starts the match in his rather dull attire, all is blown away as his suit literally bursts into pieces, while his skin darkens and he transforms into a brutal fighting machine. With his unblockables and insanely useful Aegis Reflector from Street Fighter III, this is a character you definitely don't want backing you into a corner. 7. R. Mika Brush aside the dark hadou and all the broodiness of Akuma, and deep down Street Fighter is a bright, colourful series. Nobody embodies the colourful fun of the franchise more than Rainbow Mika. Sure, she may not be the toughest of opponents, but she looks like