Fact & Fiction: Things I've Learned From Video Games | Power Up Gaming
The human brain is a wonderful thing. It’s a processor more intuitive than any operating system, more complex than any microchip, and more handy than any must-have gadget; but, in the end, it’s only as good as the data it contains. Information can come from anywhere – books, conversations, and yes, even video games, filling our minds with specks of knowledge as we twiddle away the hours. The trick is to distinguish hard fact from digital fiction. With that in mind, I present today four things video games taught me, and four things they lied about. Metro 2033 What I learned: You can burn away spider webs. You might think this is a minor thing to cling on to, but I live in Australia, where we must give daily tribute to our spider overlords so they won’t crawl into our socks and eat us while we sleep. Sometimes I walk through six webs going to the clothesline, only to find they’ve reassembled themselves before my trip back. Sometimes they run across the