The Gamer Identity Crisis | Power Up Gaming
What do we mean when we call someone a ‘gamer’? Some suggest a gamer is anyone who plays games frequently, with dedication and passion. Others suggest that a gamer is anyone with a love and appreciation of games and the gaming community. Many more suggest that there are sub-groups and tags to be considered: casual, professional, hardcore, n00bs, etc. Most seem to be able to agree that a gamer is someone who plays games and thoroughly enjoys them. Someone or anyone? In the recent Gamergate controversy, one of the most popular arguments from the movement has been the threat SJWs (Social Justice Warriors), feminists and varying social factors pose to the gamer identity. This identity, while ambiguous in its form, seems to be focused on younger, white, male gamers who feel that larger game development studios have shifted their focus from their previous target demographic, i.e. the previously mentioned gamer identity candidates. The market has deviated from this template in