White Night Review | Power Up Gaming
Armed with only a box of matches, how long would you last in crow-black darkness? At face value, a game built around this simple concept may not seem entertaining. However, White Night is spooky, engrossing, and a thrill to play in a genre that’s becoming increasingly infested with zombie-slayers and shooters. You play as an unnamed detective in the 1930s on his way home from some late-night drinking. A lady of pure white runs onto the road and the man reacts with drunken latency. He hits a flagpole but the woman has vanished; did he hit her? A large mansion is the backdrop of the accident and it is here where the man searches for help. White Night’s colour palette of black and white, plus fiery sparks of yellow and orange, make it a unique title. The heavy film noir art style complement a wonderful soundtrack littered with affecting piano solos. Even the collectibles, the most mundane of gaming accompaniments, form the layout of a 1930s newspaper and an old-fashioned camera filled