Evolve Review | Power Up Gaming
Evolve, the latest multiplayer shooter from Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock Studios, has been somewhat mired in controversy since its launch. Underneath all the contention, though, Evolve is an incredibly inventive and entertaining game. And while it's not quite the smash hit L4D was, it's still a damn fine piece of work. Evolve is based on asymmetrical gameplay – four hunters versus one colossal monster. The aim of the hunters is to track down and kill the beast, while the monster's goal is to skulk around eating smaller wildlife, building up the energy to evolve (hence the name). Once it's big enough, the monster can then attempt to turn the hunters into bite-sized snacks. It's an interesting idea, and one that works well in practice. An overeager monster can find itself quickly trapped and put down by the hunter's advanced tech, while a team of hunters that take too long in finding the monster can wind up smushed into paste through sheer brute force. The human hunters are