The Escapists Review | Power Up Gaming
The scene was set for an audacious escape. The dummy was tucked neatly between the bed sheets. The foxhole had been chiselled out from underneath the desk, leading to the yard. The freshly laundered prison guard disguise was prepped and ready to go. As soon as the lights went down, Tango, the loveable, flame-haired vagabond, set his plan into motion. No sooner had he tunnelled his way out of his cell than the phrase every aspiring prison escapist hates to hear rang out: "Tango, what are you doing?" In his haste, Tango had foolishly forgotten to don his disguise. His disillusionment with the letter of the law was written on his furrowed brow as he violently flailed his sock mace at poor Officer Leeroy. Unfortunately, Officer Leeroy had a truncheon, which proved to be the more effective weapon as he sent Tango on a humiliating trip to the infirmary. While everything written above is merely fluff, the fact remains that stories such as this will arise naturally as you play The Escapists.