The Evolution of Naughty Dog, Part 2: Jak and Daxter | Power Up Gaming
As we discussed last time, Crash Bandicoot was a much-needed mascot for PlayStation during the nineties. He was a colourful inclusion, world renowned for his zany antics, absurd villains and insatiability for saving the day through any number of ridiculous situations. However, developer Naughty Dog were only signed on to produce three Crash Bandicoot games (which later expanded to four, with the release of the spin-off kart racing game, Crash Team Racing, being their swansong), and by early 1999, the ambitious team already had their sights set on the upcoming PlayStation 2 console. With their relationship with Universal Interactive about to come to an end, Naughty Dog began development on a brand-new platformer, codenamed Project Y, in January 1999. The developer initially assigned only two programmers to work on the franchise, as the rest of the studio were preoccupied with finishing up development on the aforementioned Crash Team Racing. Early Project Y concept art shows Naughty