Monstrum: Early Access Preview | Power Up Gaming
Imagine, if you will, the nerve-wracking survivor mode of Alien: Isolation; the thrilling, tense, finales of L4D and the creature variety of Evolve, all spinning in some sort of sci-fi amalgamator. Are you done simultaneously vomiting and crying? Because I can wait. All done? The reason I put you through that is because Monstrum for Early Access strives for this Frankenstein's monster-game concept, and it succeeds. Quibbles aside, this is a great start for first-person horror rogue-lites in 2015. Horror is hard, and I say this knowing full well the porn parody implications of such a statement. Developers are churning horror titles out at record speed in light of certain mainstream and indie successes. As such, the quality has plummeted faster than Hans Gruber at the end of Die Hard. Enter Monstrum, a new IP with a refreshing concept: monsters are chasing you... on a frickin' boat. It's a trivial yet critical alteration to the formula. We've been chased on star ships, space stations,