13 Worlds We'd Like to See in Kingdom Hearts 3 | Power Up Gaming
Arguably, the biggest aspect that makes the Kingdom Hearts franchise a distinctly Disney product is the variety of worlds the game has to offer. From Aladdin's Agrabah to Hercules' Olympus Coliseum, the series is jam-packed with the nostalgia explosion that is everyone's childhood. With rumours of Kingdom Hearts 3 possibly being set to release in early 2016, it's worth speculating what iconic worlds we'll have to look forward to in the Square Enix title. Although Disney has obtained the rights to Marvel and Lucasfilm, would we dare ask to see the likes of the Hulk or Ben Kenobi in the newest Final Fantasy/Disney fangasm? The answer to that and a bit more will be explored here in the 13 Worlds We'd Like to See in Kingdom Hearts 3: 1. Camelot (The Sword in the Stone) The Sword in the Stone is a classic movie that revolves around a boy who goes through various trials and tribulations, only to be given a sword that will change his life forever. Switch the order of that around a little bit