The SKIES Interview with Anton Paramonov | Power Up Gaming
I recently sat down with Eforb's Anton Paramonov to discuss the Ukrainian indie developer's upcoming title, The SKIES. A post-apocalyptic-inspired MMORPG, the game boasts a number of impressive features, including a massive game world and a non-linear storyline that leaves the story entirely up to the player, with conversations that change depending on the choices made. While these may sound like the offerings of a typical MMORPG, The SKIES's implementation, art and presentation have the makings of a project that is sure to impress. Amber Colyer: What was the inspiration for The SKIES? Anton Paramonov: I have always been interested in post-apocalyptic science-fiction, art and everything. A few years ago I wrote the novel The Skies for one of the contests on deadland.ru, which won. At that time, I was already thinking about how great it would be to create a game world based on the storyline. The whole world, characters, atmosphere, locations, and relationships were well-thought and