2014: A False Start for New Consoles | Power Up Gaming
This was meant to be the breakout year for the new kids on the block. The Xbox One and the PS4 would deliver bigger downloads, but more realistic visuals and immersive gameplay would result from more powerful technology than their Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 predecessors. How could anything go wrong? While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my transition into the eighth generation of gaming, this isn’t your typical ‘year in review’ feature article. Sure, heaps of new titles were put on the digital and physical shelves but, all in all, 2014 just wasn’t that eventful when it came to good value, high quality games on these new consoles. This has been the slowest start to a new generation of gaming since… well… ever. After a shaky start to its launch with shoddy games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Fighter Within, and the pathetic large-scale demo that was Forza 5, a long stint of ‘next-gen’ limbo saw the Xbox One release its marquee title, Titanfall