Shadow of Mordor's Lord of the Hunt DLC out now | Power Up Gaming
Popular RPG Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has today received a substantial expansion pack that adds a multitude of new story missions and hours of gameplay to its already action-packed campaign. In Lord of the Hunt, Sauron has dispatched the debuting Beastmaster Warchiefs, powerful mounted Uruks, to exterminate the monsters of Mordor. The player, as Talion, must join forces with Torvin the Dwarven Hunter to tame said monsters and turn them against the antagonist's minions. The DLC pack's full feature list, courtesy of WB Games, is as follows: New Story & Lore: Discover more tales from Torvin, the Dwarven Hunter, as you work together to tame the beasts of Mordor and fight Sauron’s minions. New Nemeses: Face off against the Beastmaster Warchiefs, powerful new Uruks who have the ability to ride monsters and engage in perilous mounted combat. New Monsters: Ride into battle on the Wretched Graug to vomit toxin at your foes, stalk your enemies on the predatory Caragath and attack