Dissecting the Characters of Dragon Age: Inquisition | Power Up Gaming
I had been awaiting and speculating on Dragon Age: Inquisition since its announcement over a year ago. I've been a huge fan since Origins, played through every game and DLC multiple times and with gusto. As the news gained more and more exciting information about Inquisition, I knew I'd have a lot to talk about. And indeed, just like the game, it's going to take me more than one go to explain everything. Regardless, I'm looking forward to detailing my journey into the vast, ambitious world of Inquisition just as much as I look forward to playing it. As a precursor, I am aware of and have experienced several of the glitches that have soured some players' experiences. I'm being lenient with the game due to how much good is actually at work here – but it is something BioWare needs to get on, without question. According to their latest statements, they are working on patches and fixes, so we shall see. Let's begin with a particularly strong element of the game: the characters.