Interview with Nate Schmold of 30/30 Games | Power Up Gaming
Cosmochoria blasted its way onto Steam's Early Access storefront on September 29. A sort of tower defense/rogue-lite/space-gardening simulator, it's one of the more colourful and highly received Early Access titles this year. Power Up Gaming's Jake Richards recently spoke with its creator, Nate Schmold. Jake Richards: You chose to make the naked protagonist of Cosmochoria a cosmonaut; in a game market saturated with astronauts that's a bold move. Why a cosmonaut? Nate Schmold: On November 10, 1955, a friend of my father's named George was asleep in his home and awoke to the sound of mind-blasting electronic sounds. George tells the story that when he opened his eyes, he saw a man from space standing in front of him in a bright yellow space suit of some kind, holding some sort of a brainwashing device and talking in a deep voice. The very second I heard that story I was enamoured with space and the travellers of space and time. Actually wait, no that was Back to the Future. Truthfully,