Fluster Cluck Review | Power Up Gaming
In the era of always-online gaming, so-called "couch co-op" multiplayer is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Developers seem to now be looking at exclusively online multiplayer solutions to match players up and pit them against each other; offline multiplayer is now often regarded as little more than an afterthought. But what if you just want to, you know, socialise, and get your friends around your living room TV and have a quick blast through a party game – rather than each of you having to have your own console, copy of the game and Internet connection? In the rather risqué-titled Fluster Cluck, LOOT Entertainment have sought to appease this audience and, in the process, restore some of the magic of offline multiplayer. The premise of this cartoony twin-stick shooter is simple: Fluster Cluck's universe is, suitably, powered by "applied chikkin technologies", and its inhabitants' insatiable desire for poultry products has led to a shortage of such resources. Players