Bravely Default Review | Power Up Gaming
I just want to preface this review by saying that Bravely Default is the best Final Fantasy game that is not a Final Fantasy game. Okay, that's a bold statement. But it is. By best Final Fantasy, I am speaking of course about the more recent entries of the franchise. Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels were heavily criticised by the hardcore fans of the JRPGs for not being 'Final Fantasy' enough. While they did have some of the elements of the previous entries, they mostly fell short and were far removed from titles of the past. Bravely Default brings all the magic back with style, substance, and some controversial sex appeal. This game is a pure pleasure to play. There’s no better way that I can think of putting it. Bravely Default is perfect for the 3DS system, and the two screens work wonders for making easy and immersive gameplay. The 3D itself is beautifully done, even if I don’t use the feature so much. The game begins with an awesome sequence where you must line up