Splashing the Cash: Is The Gaming Industry in Rude Health? | Power Up Gaming
So it seems that the gaming industry is in a pretty good place right now. Earlier this year, Google were reportedly putting together a $1 billion offer for online game streaming service Twitch. Recently, that deal looked in jeopardy when the two parties struggled to resolve the potential antitrust issues that may have come up following the purchase. Eventually, the problems led to a breakdown in negotiations and so the owners of YouTube pulled out of the deal. But never fear! Another Internet giant has thrown their hat in the mix – Amazon. Although the takeover, worth $970 million, is reportedly $30 million short of the amount they were looking to get from Google, the owners of Twitch can't be too sad about the frankly insane amount of money they will be raking in from the deal. But what are Amazon getting for this small fortune? A small country? One of the moons of Saturn, perhaps? Not quite. They will, however, be getting one of the hottest web-based services around. Here at