Cosmochoria (Early Access) Review | Power Up Gaming
Star Date... does it matter? Training in Moscow was cut abruptly short. Something happened. Someone finally pushed that damned red button, or maybe something from space wiped us out, determined to see the universe silent once more. Perhaps some god saw fit to end the human experiment. Thank goodness they had me in that new craft. In the ensuing explosion I was launched from Earth into the farthest, loneliest reaches of space. I would tell you how fast I was propelled but the readings would... you'd think me mad, that's all. Not that it matters. And it doesn't matter. There's no one here to read this. It would also seem I can no longer debate the ethicality of the experimental drug regimen they had us on. As my craft and clothes disintegrated around me I steeled myself for the violent death of explosive decompression. Wincing for a few moments I realized death would not come so easy. Despite complete exposure I live on, if this can be called living. I am not cold. I am not hungry. I am