Neverending Nightmares Review | Power Up Gaming
Neverending Nightmares is one of the more aptly named titles for a game on Steam (y'know, besides Shannon Tweed's Attack of the Groupies), because that is exactly what will plague you upon playing it: never-ending nightmares. This is bleak, brutal, and brief – like every good horror should be. As Thomas you wake up from a nightmare... only to realize that you're still asleep, still dreaming. And like a Freudian Dante you'll make your descent down the increasingly bizarre and menacing circles of your inner Hell searching for your Beatrice... of sorts. The world is sketched starkly and wildly in black and white – like a schizophrenic's scribblings – with the occasional accent of blood red and sickly yellow to mark manipulable objects and pretty much every childhood fear, irrational or otherwise, you still foster in your beating heart: darkness, gore, claustrophobia, self-harm, asylums, creepy porcelain-skinned, raven-haired girls, dolls... it touches on them all.