Double Fine and the Early Access Fiasco | Power Up Gaming
Way back in mysterious, distant 2012 – when the Curiosity rover landed on Mars, Gangnam Style ruled the airwaves, and Kony 2012 ran for president – Double Fine had its Amnesia Fortnight, a sort of game jam that showcases prototypes that backers could vote on; a Kickstarter of sorts. One of those prototypes was Spacebase DF-9, a space base simulator headed by JP LeBreton. Out of the 23 concepts, it received the second most votes. In October 2013 it made its way to Steam Early Access. And now, 11 months after its initial launch and six alpha stages later, it's been announced that it will be fully released, version 1.0, in October 2014; immediately following a 50% off sale. In addition, the game will receive limited support following version 1.0, and the source code will be released for mods to further flesh out the project. Fans of the project and of Double Fine have been vocal. Before the release announcement, reviews on Steam were mixed to positive, with many players