A Brief History of Sega: Part 2 | Power Up Gaming
Welcome to part two of Power Up Gaming's in-depth retrospective on the rise and fall of one of gaming's former powerhouses, Sega. In part one, we discussed the company's origins as Service Games, all the way through to the discontination of the failed Mega Drive add-on, the 32X. We pick up as the seeds of Sega's demise as a console manufacturer were being sewn, with the conception and release of the ill-fated Saturn console. The Saturn Having just experienced the largest period of growth in the company’s history, largely thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog and the Mega Drive, Sega’s new console was eagerly anticipated by consumers. Despite the upstanding reputation the company had with the public, behind closed doors a different story was emerging. With two failed peripherals and a poorly supported handheld console, Sega had unintentionally upset many third-party developers with its tendency to cut support early for its technology. Game creators and publishers were understandably