DmC: Devil May Cry Review | Power Up Gaming
When DmC was first unveiled to the public, the fan response was overwhelmingly negative. Many fans didn’t like the new redesign of the series’ cavalier antihero Dante, mainly because he had lost his trademark hair and red trenchcoat. From then on, DmC faced an uphill struggle to win back the old fans, while trying to appeal to newcomers to the series. After four previous games, the Devil May Cry series was starting to feel stale. After the backtracking and derivative nature of the fourth instalment, Capcom decided to hand the reigns of its signature stylish brawler over to a new developer, with the intention of making the series more relevant to audiences outside of Japan. Ninja Theory (of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved fame) took up the challenge of rebooting the franchise, and they promptly put their own stamp on the game with a complete artistic overhaul. This unsentimental departure from the series’ style suits the game world that they have tried to create. Dante is