Explodemon Review | Power Up Gaming
The classic 2D sidescrolling platformers are not so much dead as they are mummified. Every now and then a new 2D Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog will lurch out of its sarcophagus, getting gauze all over the place as it tries to recapture its glory days. While such games aren't exactly bad, they also aren't exactly new, aside from a few half-baked mechanics tacked on to the same basic formula. The real innovation these days is coming from indie developers, who understand that if the genre is going to capture our hearts (and wallets), it needs to offer something fresh and varied, challenging but light-hearted, something that taps into the reasons why gamers want to play platformers in the first place. Something like Explodemon. While this game has some clear influences – the art style is very Megaman, while the platforming puzzles are reminiscent of Metroid – Explodemon isn't afraid to walk its own path. You play as the game's namesake, a jovial and volatile lab experiment