Mario Kart 8 Review | Power Up Gaming
Ah, Mario Kart, a franchise any gamer who grew up with a Nintendo console (which is most of us) holds near to their heart. We remember all of the times blue shells brought us from first to worst and the times a star propelled us to victory with a symphony of cool tunes and a streak of sparkles. Its music conforms to the fast-paced catastrophe that is the Mario Kart race, and the aesthetics make us feel like we're in a rainbow dream. It seems impossible being able to emulate the feeling we get from this game for so many generations, but somehow the big N always finds a way, and with Mario Kart 8 Nintendo has once again brought us into the crazy world of carting in spectacular fashion. For starters, is Mario Kart 8's music the top-notch symphony we're always captivated by? See for yourself. Not that the melodies haven't changed. It seems this time Mario Kart has become a bit more refined. Songs seem to be more soulful, yet still frantic - a touch complimented quite nicely by the fully