Fable: A Retrospective Review | Power Up Gaming
A few months ago, Lionhead Studios announced a remake of the first Fable game, to be released on Xbox 360. Offering updated visuals and not much else, Fable Anniversary is looking to be little more than a prettier, streamlined version of Fable: The Lost Chapters—the series’ first remake. From the outset, this seems like a bad investment to me. Why would I want to pay for a slightly prettier version of something I already have, especially since you don’t need an original Xbox to run the original Fable? But then a few niggling doubts started to creep into my head. With backwards compatibility being less than assured between console generations, what if the original has some game-breaking bug on Xbox 360? Such a flaw would certainly warrant an up-to-date version designed for the 360’s hardware. Then I began to wonder if I would even want to go back to Fable, if my progression to darker, more serious games might have made me outgrow the storybook design and simple morality system. Before I