Let’s Replay: The Settlers III | Power Up Gaming
1999 was a good year for RTS fans: Tiberian Sun was released by Westwood Studios as a sequel to the hugely successful Command & Conquer and Ensemble Studios released award winning Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, a game that often appears on Top 100 Games of All Time lists. A year before this, in 1998, another RTS sequel was released: The Settlers III. The Settlers series had a different style to most RTS games with the focus being on resource management and city building rather than tactical combat. I played The Settlers III not long after it came out after borrowing it from a friend. I had fond memories of it, so I sought it out as something to play for downtime between revision and sitting exams. So, was it as good as I remember or have I been looking at it with rose-tinted spectacles? As with most RTS games, the gameplay takes place from a top-down perspective. You designate where buildings should be built with the aim of creating a strong economy which will in turn lead to a