Metro: Last Light Review | Power Up Gaming
In a day and age where first-person shooters are a dime a dozen, it can be difficult for developers to create games in the genre that stand out from the pack. Many shooters use big explosions and even bigger bad guys to cover up a weak story line, and most of the time copies still fly off of store shelves. Developer 4A Games released Metro: Last Light and proved that it doesn’t take the grandeur that FPSs are known for to make an immersive, memorable experience. While Last Light doesn't exactly turn its nose up to over-the-top theatrics, the most standout moments come from subtleties such as NPC background dialogue and wiping a mask off to clear a player’s field of vision. It's in these details that drive the game forward and give it the rough personality people will recognize it for. Last Light is a sequel to Metro: 2033 and follows Artyom, the original title's main character, in his quest to rescue the last survivor of a strange species known as the Dark Ones, a race of creatures