Negativity… the effect! | Positive Vibes Hypnotherapy
As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist we don't focus on the negatives... However, I wanted to address something that I was having a conversation with somebody about recently. They were questioning why so many people are suffering with anxiety and depression these days, there seems to be an 'anxiety epidemic'. It got me thinking; is there more anxiety these days than there used to be, do we just understand it more now, are people just more open about it or has something changed so dramatically that is causing so much anxiety? Well, in my opinion... anxiety, stress and depression have always been there and I think there are many opinions of why it's so much more prevalent these days but this is how I have come to see it... Now we know that psychology isn't a 'new thing', it has always been researched and research is constantly ongoing into how the brain works; but we've come so far in actually understanding it. A lot of that understanding, I think, we owe to the brave souls that