National Stress Awareness Day | Positive Vibes Hypnotherapy
Its National Stress Awareness Day today so in light of that comes my next blog. We can all suffer with Stress; it's really no wonder when we are under such pressure that comes from all directions; Work, Money, Relationships etc... It's never ending and it's on-going. Our metaphorical 'stress bucket' fills up. When we have too much in our 'bucket' we struggle to sleep. When we sleep and go into REM (Rapid Eye Movement), we deal with the stresses of the day. However, if it's too full then our mind wakes us up, which means we wake up with our 'bucket' still full from the previous day and the day continues to throw more negative and anxious thoughts and feelings into the bucket on top of yesterday's stress!! Now you can see the vicious circle we can get ourselves into... How many times have you had a bad day and reeled off about 10 things that have gone wrong that day! Even down to the fact that; the tights you've put on now have a ladder in or you've dropped your toast on the floor and of