Bullying | Positive Vibes Hypnotherapy
So I've just come back from watching my lovely daughter's play which was all about bullying and I've just discovered that it's anti-bullying week, cue my next blog... Now, there are so many reasons why I decided to train to be a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist. There's the fact that I've seen first hand just how much it can help, the fact that I wanted to help others realise their true potential, I knew just how rewarding it would be (and it really is...!). Since before I started training I knew that I wanted to work with children. As someone who struggled with Anxiety as a child I can truly appreciate just how awful it is, the feeling of being out of control and not really knowing what is going on, just feeling fear, a scared vulnerable child!! I know that I want to help those children out there that are struggling to deal with their emotions. Now I digress, but bear with me... There was a famous Philosopher, John Locke (29 August 1632 -28 October 1704) who, in an