About me | Positive Vibes Hypnotherapy
I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist. I trained at the very prestigious Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy training school (CPHT), an accredited centre of excellence in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. I was lucky enough to have David Newton as my lecturer and qualified on the 12th January 2018. I have received my diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. and have achieved my HPD from NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy). I came across the Clifton Practice when I was suffering with some struggles of my own. Hypnotherapy was so different to any other therapy, I left feeling energised, positive and happy. The formula was so simple and yet so effective. This is when I knew I wanted to change my career; if I could change people's lives the way that Hypnotherapy changed mine then I knew that's what I really wanted to do! I feel so passionate about helping people to realise their own potential. I have witnessed first hand how changing our negative thought patterns can