Projects I Love: X-Purr is live on Kickstarter! | POLE DANCING ADVENTURES
While we will never be able to explain the reason why pole-dancers love cats so much, we can nonetheless count on our fuzzy buddies to be right there next to us when we're practicing at home. I mean, check out this photo. My cat's a pro already. But look at the sisal post in this photo. It's worn, its boring, and look how my cat stares at my X-Pole with envy. Well, envy no more fuzzy one! Thanks to the International Pole Dancing star and fellow Cat Mama, Natasha Wang, she has brought cat enthusiasts everywhere the X-PURR! Now your fuzzy friend will be able to shake his tail on this quality "fitness pole" for cats! Let's get into the details. Each X-Purr is 2 feet long and comes topped with a catnip filled "disco ball." The base of the post emulates the X-Stage design and also has the X-Purr logo stamped around the edge. The result is a classy looking product that both you and your cats will enjoy. And it will look oh-so