Gotta catch 'em all! Are you addicted to the Pokémon Go craze? The introducing the Polémon Go! These fun pokémon inspired stats images were created by Robert Carstensen aka Cowboy Wild. I was surprised and delighted to be included in the bunch! Cowboy Wild made many cards featuring your favorite pole dancers. Check them out after the jump. LI: Are you playing Pokémon Go yourself? What team are you on? (I'm Instinct!) CW: I am playing Pokémon Go. team Mystic. I'm on level 15, almost 16. LI: How do you create these fun images? CW: I use a couple apps to make them, PS Express, Photogene2 and Pixomatic. Takes about 10 minutes to do each one. I had seen a Polémon cartoon on tumblr and that kind of started it. I made a couple poorly cut and paste ones at first and had a couple people saying they wanted to be a Polémon off of those. And it has taken off from there. I have also turned it into a bit of a fundraiser for my AIDS LifeCycle, asking people, if possible, to make a donation. I just