Mad Props – Freedance Movement Lab at The Vertitude | POLE DANCING ADVENTURES
The pole may our favorite dance partner, but sometimes it's fun to spice things up with PROPS! I was inspired when I met and danced with an amazing crew of women at The Vertitude this past weekend. The "Freedance Movement Lab" was the brain-child of Danielle of Poleitical.com and she and three amazing instructors from the Vertitude (Iris, Dru and Tiffany) created a two-day, eight hour workshop focusing solely on free dance. During this intensive weekend-long workshop, we were given a safe place to explore our own individual pole flows through various dance games. While each session was fantastic, one of my favorites was when Tiffany Jane introduced the idea of using props with our pole dancing. We were welcome to use our it to explore new floorwork and/or incorporate the pole into our free dance. I found this added element opened me up to so much more creativity! Since I was using my hands (and feet and torso) to keep the prop "alive" in my dance, I was instantly aware of the challenge