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The past few days my morning conversations with my friends have been about rushing the little ones to their first days of school. Not being a mother, I can't relate to the insane schedule changes and the making of school lunches but it got me thinking about being a student again. More specifically, I thought about being a pole dance student. What steps could I take to get better this "school year?" I was never the type of student who could learn well from self-study. I admit that I learn faster and more efficiently under the guidance of an instructor. It's the same for pole dancing -- I gotta have someone there leading me through the exercises, poses and the whole shebang. It's just how my mind and body works. So as I get better with tricks, I forget the old lessons until I'm simply not doing them anymore. One of my favorite things to do is go back and retake beginner classes. Yes, you read that right! Why do that? Because over time, as you grow into your trickster ways, you lose the