The Mid Year Review – July Blog Hop | POLE DANCING ADVENTURES
Check out the PDBA July Blog Hop HERE I ran. Yup! That's all. I wish I could have told you about some incredible, 10-step pole combo or some fantastic pose that only a small percentage of gifted pole dancers can do but such is not the case for me. And honestly, it was the wisest, most wonderful decision I have ever made for my body. Earlier in the year, around February, I became frustrated. Poses weren't landing and after a few tries, I found myself out of breath far sooner than I expected. And the worst of all, running through a freestyle session wasn't as passionate as I wanted it to be. They were just exhausting. I'm sure I'm not the only pole dancer out there who hates cardio. We can weasel our way around in class and just muscle our way through tricks without raising our heart rate. That worked pretty well while I was a beginning and intermediate student, but as I move into more advanced levels, muscling it only gets you so far. Now, I find that I want to be on the pole longer