Are you getting enough sleep? | Patricia Moroney Hypnotherapy
Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is essential for a persons health and wellbeing. Most people can relate to the effect a poor nights sleep can have on their mood, energy and enjoyment the following day and yet the modern world does not lend itself to switching off and clocking up the night time hours. Recent research into the effects of sleep deprivation however have revealed some startling facts that should really have us all prioritising good quality sleep. Effects on the brain A lack of sleep prevents the brain from its ability to make new memories. The 'inbox' that stores information received during your waking hours shuts down thereby rejecting or bouncing back anything trying to get in there. Without receiving the info, the inbox cannot store it as a memory and you're left experiencing what feels like amnesia. On top of this, the lack of sleep causes a build up of the toxic protein beta amyloid which is strongly linked to Alzheimers. When our body's are sleeping, our brains