Samsung Has Revealed New Display Design for its Future Phones - Playfuldroid!
The bendable Infinity Flex Display was announced by Samsung at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2018 that was held on Nov. 8. The South Korean company had also used the platform to announce new display design for its smartphones such as Infinity-U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O and New Infinity. The Infinity-U display design totting phones will have a U-shaped notch. Smartphones with Infinity-V display design will feature a V-shaped notch. These two designs are similar to the waterdrop notch display design adopted by Chinese manufacturers such as Oppo, Vivo and Huawei. The Infinity-O display design O-shaped hole on the top-left corner of the screen. This display design appears to be less interesting because of the weird placement of the display hole. The New Infinity display design seems to be even more advanced since it features a hidden camera under its screen. There is no information available on which Samsung phones will feature the new display design. The Galaxy S10 is expected to feature an in-display camera. So, there is a possibility that the Galaxy S10 could be equipped with New Infinity Display design. There is a possibility that the Galaxy A-series of smartphones arriving in the coming year may feature the newly announced display designs. Lastly, there is bendable Infinity Flex Display that will be available on the first foldable phone from the company. Via