What Did You Call Me? | PlayFighting
When we start to work on choreography, we don't have specific scenes in mind. We don't have a script to tell us our character's motivations or what words to use. We often fall back on silly arguments to get our choreography started, and then we take the entire fight less seriously. What are some good, simple scenarios to get a fight going? Insults Some well-worded insults can go a long way. If you want to get that Elizabethan flavour, try some Shakespearen insults. If you're aiming to start a sword fight, then an insult is sufficient to motivate a duel. Remember that a typical interchange is: A insults B B calls A a liar A challenges B with a slap or drawing his sword. Scenarios Simple situations that can lead to violence are not always at the top of mind, so brainstorm some and keep them in a notebook. Violence is almost always