Theatrical Deaths with No Blood | PlayFighting
Blood adds horror. That's the single reason to add a blood effect to a death scene. So, the only creative question in whether to consider a blood effect is: does this scene need more horror? In Romeo and Juliet, for example, do we need Mercutio's death to be horrific? I'd say yes. Do we need Juliet's death to be horrific? I'd say no. Even if you're using fake blood in one scene, that does not obligate you to use it in another scene. There are other considerations as well: Will the audience see it? If your actors are white, then red blood shows up well on their skin. Not so well on black skin. If you're getting on clothing, consider the palette. If the shirt is dark brown, you're wasting the effect. If it's green, then make sure your blood isn't too opaque and red, or it'll look like Christmas, but if it turns the fabric dark or black, it might only look wet. Will the actor be able to pull off the effect? Often, we use blood packs that the actor conceals in the hand or taped to their