Scenes of Violence | PlayFighting
Most actors learn stage combat for a specific role while in rehearsal. My belief that every performer before leaving acting school should have Basic Actor-Combatant certification wth Fight Directors Canada does not have widespread support. Therefore, the majority of actors already have a scene to fight to. But actors who are taking the full stage combat course need to find three scenes of about 3 minutes. One for each weapon tested. Where does one find fight scenes for tests, or just for the fun of it? FDC Requirements The scenes must: Be from a published play Last no longer than 3 minutes (5 minutes with the fight included) Contain information about what each character has at stake and why they are fighting. Feeling the Shakes Shakespeare is not only replete with violence, but his scenes are great for the actor in several ways: Due to the type of audiences and theatre he wrote for, the scenes almost always repeat key plot points so we know what's going on. Actors who don't