Copyright and Choreography | PlayFighting
I'm rewatching a fun horror/comedy called John Dies At the End. It opens with a zombie variant on Theseus' Paradox. The question posed in this paradox first posed by Plutarch is: If a ship gets damaged a little bit voyage by voyage and is gradually repaired so that every plank of wood is different from the original, is it the same ship? Later in the movie, John casually asks, "When you hear a song playing on the radio, where's the song?" This article is going to be on the lengthy side, and it would only be longer if I connected all the dots. Instead, I'd like to give you some questions to think about and discuss with other performers and choreographers on the topic of copyright and fight choreography. Dry Legal Stuff The law is our attempt to encode ethics into rules that we actually enforce in society. I'll talk below about our community's customs and norms and different ideals about working as a creative artist in practical terms. But I'm going to start with the strict interpretation