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UHLN DD packet HOT STOCKS @OTCEMPIRE UHLN Stock Research Report Read at your own risk! The Surgeon General warns that this may cause possible heart related conditions! ‚óŹ INTRO: Based on our DD (Due Diligence) the research of UHLN we have unwrapped one of the best OTC companies to hit the stock market in a very long time and is still under the radar as well as undervalued. This is to be considered a speculative play at this point, however based on the information we have gathered and included in this report it is hard not to be able to read between the lines. This could be the hidden gem that grants the common man life changing wealth. “Time and tide waits for no man.” Carpe Diem! OVERVIEW: – UHLN is gearing up to become a MAJOR player in the FOOD industry! – UHLN has taken A NEW direction with new management and an even better business model than previously. UHLN recently acquired Charlie Grainger’s Franchise and announced Salvatore Rinicone as their Director of Operations. For those that don’t know Charlie Grainger he is a powerhouse in the food industry and has an intensive resume with HUGE success. You can [...]