It’s the LOVER not the LOVE….
“It’s the lover not the love who broke your heart last night; it’s the lover not the love that didn’t work out right. So if you listen to your heart; you know it’s true; it’s the lover not the love who deserted you.” Remember these lines from a song? They say that being in-love is the sweetest feeling anybody could have. Heart beats faster than the usual speed. You feel happier ten times the normal state. You can see rainbow even it doesn’t rain. There’s a magical feeling of simply being together. At times, you can do things beyond your limits. Impossible becomes conceivable. Right can be wrong and mistake can be right. You are being oblivious of important issues that need your attention the most as all you look forward to see that special someone who makes your existence full. Oh LOVE! 🙂 Who doesn’t want to feel it, embrace it, and indulge in it? But what if the person you showered with love suddenly turn her/his back on you?