When There is a Need for Fund, There is Always the Loan Sharks
Need a Loan Shark from somewhere in the Philippines? Many people who are in business or simply needs an additional fund that they can use to bridge finances consider this facility to fill their financial gap. WARNING: LOAN SHARKS CAN CRIPPLE YOUR FINANCES. Loan Sharks can be represented by an individual or an institution. For those who are interested or considering this sort of facility and have not met or made business to anyone of these Loan Sharks, you should ask your friends or business contacts if they knew anyone as Loan Sharks mostly entertain borrowers only by means of referral. Otherwise, you must be in a very stable and highly profitable business before they can consider lending their capital to you. In the Philippines, Loan Sharks offers an interest rate ranging between 5% - 9% per month of the total amount you have borrowed. While borrowing from Loan Shark may seems to be a lot faster than going to commercial banks, you should be able to