Drowning: Under Daywan Bridge in Surigao Del Norte
Dying is difficult; much more when its in a way of drowning. Three young men were believed to have been drowned before noon yesterday in the riprap of Daywan Bridge in Brgy. Daywan, Claver, Surigao Del Norte. The men aged between 17 and 23 whose identities are temporarily withheld were out to swim and catch fish at Daywan River that morning then later decided to crossed the river using the riprap platform stretched from one side to the other side designed to control the erosion of soil to protect the bridge foundation. At 11am, witnesses reported that one of the three men slided and fell beside the riprap believed to be at 10Ft depth or more with steel bars present. The two other followed when they tried to save the first guy but failed due to the very high water level in the river caused by the rainy season and the very strong current that whirls the water in the riprap. At around 12pm, local authorities started to arrive in the area to possibly save the