Colds and Flu Season
Yes there is the cold and flu season again. We may not consider this time of the year very pleasing but it’s inevitable when climate changes. We may not see it coming our way only to find ourselves in the middle of chorus of sneezes and cough in offices and at home. Here are some tips to consider evading a chorale of cough and sneezing group. 🙂 ü Have a Flu Shot once a year- yes, a vaccine of flu shot can help. I do this yearly specifically for my daughter who goes to school as colds and cough is always present in a classroom. A flu shot with AN1H1 normally ranges from Php1000 to 1,200. Fair enough right? Instead of buying medicines every now and then to treat cough and colds and paying hospital bills in cases of a complex sickness. Just make sure to have your child/children examined by your family doctor prior to taking vaccines of any kind. ü Take plenty of Fluids- this can be the old fashion way of treating various sickness but loading up our body