The 2013 Election, E-Technology of Philippine Politics and the Video Game
Warning: you may find this article on E-voting, E-campaining and E-Politicking intriguing. Since the proliferation of computers began about two decades ago, many things in the social process happened including how the country is being run by people behind every government. More to this, harnessing the power of networking, the administration games changed. If I recall it right in early 1990s when internet had started to become accessible to some people, they have started to study further how the use of this technology can be maximized. Many years had passed by from then and internet, computer software and hardware, and skillful programmers played a big role in the change of our community, environment and every nation. Most specifically in politics, people who are holding office or those who are looking to patch a political position are talking much about how to use this technology in the next level and maximize its use over election campaigning. For the past 7