Mary's words | Glenn Peirson: physician, musician, poet
Glenn Peirson, M.D.; C.C.F.P. July 22, 1965 - November 10, 2009 I first met my husband Glenn when I was a new resident at McMaster University Medical School in 1990. Glenn and I had been assigned to the same family practice unit. He apparently took notice of me, so the story goes, because in the pocket of my lab coat along with my stethoscope, pager and notebooks, was a slim, tattered volume of poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley. At the time I was reading the romantic poets as an antidote to the daily academic pressures and the long, late nights of call... Little did I realize that Glenn was nurturing a deep and abiding love of poetry that would one day be his lasting legacy. Glenn was never one to venture into his areas of interest lightly. He was passionate and deeply committed to his pursuits whether it was his medical career, his family, his music or, of course, his poetry. For years he principally read poetry and rarely wrote. He wished to know and understand the oeuvre. He read